For Cafro 60 is not only the number of years of history and innovation, celebrated October 9th in its headquarters in Fino Mornasco, Italy. It also means a strong bond with the town and its people, also through the renewal of the company image and an art project, getting to the opening of an art show inside Cafro. An international company – the 60th anniversary of Cafro was celebrated during the international trade fair EMO Milan 2015, one of the main events worldwide for the industry of tools and precision mechanics. In this scenery Cafro presented its new corporate image, the result of a complex path of study and realization. The new identity was expressed by a state-of-the-art, elegant and functional  exhibition booth, appropriate for a company working on the global market, from automotive to woodworking, from aerospace to food industry. The most striking validation of the success of Cafro at EMO Milano 2015 has been the 176 visits we received, that is to say a growth of 17% with respect to the last edition of this fair, in 2013 in Hannover. Society, business and art, together – for its 60th anniversary Cafro became something more than a factory: a good 263 guests, among which many foreign customers, were welcomed in the 6 languages spoken every day in the company (Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese) and celebrated together with the Mancina family – leading the company through 3 generations – a meeting between industry, people and culture, since Cafro is “a large family” as Mario Mancina said. It was not only a business meeting, since there were present retired workers and six young artists (Massimo Dalla Pola, Eracle Dartizio, Michael Rotondi, Fabrizio Segaricci, Streamcolors and Anna Turina) who interpreted Cafro’s identity creating a collection of artworks which will remain in the company, next to the manufacturing world from where they were generated. The speeches on stage by the mayor of Fino Mornasco, Giuseppe Napoli, the president of Como’s Manufacturers’ Union, Francesco Verga and the coordinator of the Milanese art gallery CircoloQuadro, Arianna Beretta, represented this meeting between society, industry and art. A toast to history and innovation – at the end of the event, Roberto and Guido Mancina (respectively President and CEO of the company) together with the new generation Mario, Giovanni and Silvia raised their glasses, together with all the guests, to toast at the future of Cafro and to write a new innovative page in its history, always focusing on people, inside and outside the company. Click to see the galley


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