A topic of interest to our customers and that requires a particular focus is the polygonal shaping for workpieces of hardened or powder steel.
This type of work requires a grinding wheel with a remarkable cutting ability in order to remove a big amount of material. The CBN grinding wheel must though have a good profile stability,  to keep the shape in the requested tolerances.

When machining hardened (or powder) steel punches, the dressing unit has sophisticated adjustments which allows – at set intervals, with a diamond roll – to correct the CBN wheel profile, directly in the machine. This process helps the cutting ability of the grinding wheels, removing steel micro-chips, which sediment in the porosity of the CBN wheel, reducing its performance.

The CBN wheels used for this type of work can have different radii (the most common is R=13mm), here we propose a case history with R=4mm.


For more information regarding this or other applications we are at your disposal.



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