Renewal and expansion of the product range have always been a priority for a company like Cafro that sets itself increasingly innovative targets. Over 75,000 items are manufactured thanks to the precious collaboration of customers and machine tool manufacturers. Not only grinding wheels but also files and paste for lapping, diamond sleeves and strips, pads, static and rotating truing devices, natural and polycrystalline diamond tools.


All the care of the company’s sales network, with its 60 years of values and traditions, is dedicated to Cafro customers.
All the expertise handed down from past generations is in the hands of Cafro application engineers, a team of highly-experienced resources, many of whom have been with the company for more than twenty years.
Since 1955, customer focus and care have been the inspiration of all Cafro’s activities; the customer and his needs represent the focal point of all the expertise and skills acquired, fundamental to be able to offer a custom-built, quality product.
Cafro’s application engineers take care of customer needs, studying with them and for them individually tailored solutions. Every need is analysed down to the finest detail, thanks to the strong support of innovation, technology, research and, above all, the long-standing tradition which for many years now has made Cafro a leader in the superabrasives industry.


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