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Among the many innovations recently presented by CAFRO, one of the most important for customers’ service is surely the introduction of the Stock List in 2014. A recurring theme that has continuously been central during the first 60 years of CAFROis the attention to customers’ needs. For this reason, CAFRO has chosen to keep ready at stock a wide selection of new, innovative products, also aiming at simplification of the ordering process, personalization of requests, shortening of working cycles and reduction of delivery times.
We are now introducing the 2016 CAFRO Stock List, expanded and improved, with which we offer you the most recent technical developments of CAFRO, an optimized quality for your application and the possibility of choosing for many products between the Standard Line, offering the best value for money, and the Premium Line, for no-compromise top Quality.
CAFRO offers immediate delivery for all the products in the list and 3 working days delivery for products to be profiled.
Every position of the Stock List is identified by a simple one-letter, two-digit progressive code: in case of order or inquiry, it is enough to tell this code per phone or email to CAFRO’s staff.

Stock List 2016
CAFRO’s Stock List displays all the wheels necessary for the most common standard applications, such as:

– Dry grinding
– Carbide

– Tool construction on CNC machines
– High-performance hybrid wheels
– Resin-bonded Diamond wheels
– Resin-bonded CBN wheels
– SUPERFIN polishing wheels

– Profiled wheels
– Cutting discs
– Wheels for cylindrical and surface grinding
– Wheels for manual grinders
– Wheels for saw blades and woodworking tools


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