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CAFRO presents at EMO Hannover 2017 the new hybrid bond M404

A new addition to CAFRO’s hybrid bond family: the high-performance bond M404

An innovative bond combining the high cutting ability of M403 with the profile retention of M405. The new hybrid bond M404 features a remarkable material removal ability, allowing for grinding time reduction and a longer dressing time; it ensures a good profile retention and a low and constant power absorption. The suggested rotational wheel speed for wheels with the new hybrid bond M404 is 16 m/s (min 14 m/s, max 18 m/s).

Application example:

  • Machine: 5-axes CNC, Spindle power 15 kW
  • Coolant: neat oil, pressure 10 bar, with superfiltration and chiller
  • Tool: Endmill Ø20mm, Z3, grinding length 102mm, groove depth 5,5mm
  • Cafro wheel: 1A1 100 15 10 15 20 D64 SQ125 M404  (Stocklist H.39)
  • Wheel speed: 16m/s
  • Infeed: 100mm/min
  • Working time: Fluting in one pass, 9 minutes.
  • Dressing: stick every 10 pieces.

During grinding the wheel is silent, there are no vibrations, both wheel and workpiece remain cold, power absorption at the spindle remains constant and there are no absorption peaks.


Download here the technical sheet.


For this and other grinding solutions, we are at your disposal to give you technical assistance.



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