About carbide and HSS steel tools grinding, CAFRO can offer a range of top quality products, that year after year they become one of our most appreciated item by our customers. The diamond and CBN wheels mainly used on profile grinding follow 2 special geometries, the shape 14F1Q, 14FF1 (peripheral wheels with radius) or 14EE1 (peripheral wheels with spike).

A selection of CAFRO case histories are available, with solution studied by our engineers in order to cover the widest part of profiled tools grinding (end mills, inserts or special tools), for roughing and finishing. Mainly for CNC machines.

Among these case histories, there is a successful example of tungsten carbide inserts profiling: roughing, semi-finishing and finishing, the progressive sequence of the wheels is strictly related to the performance of the process. The profile stability of the wheel is critical for the performance of the following one.

Another excellent example in the turbine manufacturing market, are the diamond wheels for so called “pine tree” end mills profiling, where mandatory is the micron tolerance. So the profile holding of the finishing wheel allows to produce especially big tools in tolerance.

In CAFRO case histories you can find also metal bonded diamond wheels developed for special operation like step drills external grinding.



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