After entering the social media world with the celebration of our 60th anniversary, we continue with our tradition of innovation introducing CAFRO App, the web application bringing CAFRO’s technical support on your smartphone and tablet.

CAFRO App will be launched in Augsburg, Germany during the international trade fair GrindTec 2016; our goals are to provide an even more personalized and flexible customer service and to guarantee an optimized use of CAFRO products.

CAFRO App is now featuring a tool to calculate linear and rotational wheel speed, a tool to calculate infeed and working time for carbide tools’ construction on CNC grinders and a comparative table for superabrasives’ grit sizes.

New features are already being developed, the App will be continuously improved to provide an always more complete customer support.

CAFRO App can be used after registering on CAFRO’s website (, there is also a tutorial to create a link on your smartphone or tablet to always have CAFRO’s technical support ready at hand.


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