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60 years of history and innovation of a company are built day by day also with the cooperation of all workers at all levels, combining technical know-how and personal talents. Cafro is a good example of that.
One of the many ways of celebrating the 60th anniversary of Cafro was to produce a video to show directly the life of the company, its reality, its people.
This corporate video was not only shot with the most advanced filming technologies, including the use of a drone which took off to shoot from above the 6500 square meters of our facilities in Fino Mornasco, Italy; the true technology used in this video was the direct involvement of all Cafro workers during shooting.
Instead of showing the usual office scenes with busy managers shaking hands, with more or less anonymous, cold, impersonal images, Cafro chose to film directly in its manufacturing area, with cameras following the workers, capturing the sparks coming from the machines during their complex and impressive production processes.
As Mario Mancina said during the event celebrating the 60th anniversary of the company, Cafro is a “large family” and this video shows what it means, concretely, to work like a large family – to always ensure to our customers the best quality for their needs.


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