CAFRO continues its tradition in innovation for the customer, through the development of new working methods to increase productivity.

A recurring theme we registered, analyzed and optimized is the OD grinding of carbide rods. The traditional processing consists in a traverse pass after several plunges. The number of plunges is given by the ratio of the length of the carbide part to be reduced in diameter and of the width of the wheel’s diamond layer. The problem arises if a cylindrical grinder is not available or if, for any reason, the OD grinding has to be carried out in the CNC grinder: in this case roundness and finishing defects often appear.

How to solve those problems? CAFRO proposes an innovative solution in peel  grinding for all the machines equipped with a high-speed collet chuck running above 2000 rpm.


Here is our Technical Sheet explaining how to carry out an OD peel grinding on CNC tool grinders – without tailstock!



For this one and other applications, we are at your disposal to give you specific assistance.



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