Stainless steel is a difficult to grind material, in surgery drills manufacturing the precision of the cutting edge is critical, there is more than a possibility that grinding leaves burr or chatter marks on the workpiece surface.

In case of surgery-dental drills, any burr on the cutting edge is dangerous for the gums that can be scarred or engraved in a wrong way, because the helical flute is not perfectly smooth.

Usually CBN wheels can grind properly harder steels than stainless steel, this one causes a bigger wheel wear – you can think that the difference of hardness is from 52 HRC in stainless steel to over 60 HRC in hardened steels.

The request of a shiny surface, clashes with the main target to reduce as much as possible the burr during grinding, in order to be easily removed by a brush or ultrasound. The CAFRO solution optimizes the best surface quality with the sharpest cutting edge, you can find in our production range the best hybrid bonded CBN wheel for stainless steel drill flute grinding, that allows the best tool sharpening without any burns on the cutting edge.

For more details on this CBN wheel, we invite you to read our case history.


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